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Expertise in arboriculture
and tree care

Trees can enhance the beauty and character of any area, provide aesthetic and health benefits, offer habitats for wildlife, and both reduce the effects of pollution and combat global warming.


MW Tree Consultancy provides bespoke tree care services and advice across the South West & the Midlands, enabling those with a responsibility for caring for trees and foliage to successfully integrate, incorporate and manage trees within the urban environment and beyond.


Working within the planning departments of councils including Exeter City Council and Teignbridge District Council, Mark Waddams forged a successful 30-year career in planning and arboriculture, developing invaluable knowledge in tree protection, planning, tree surgery, as well as urban and landscape design.

Following his career in the public sector, Mark established MW Tree Consultancy with the aim of utilising this knowledge to help developers, designers, business owners, homeowners and others with all aspects of arboreal care.

Mark lives in Starcross, near Exeter, with his dog Nuno, and a selection of hens. When not working he can be found walking coastal paths, sea swimming and on his kayak.


Trees are integral to the environments we live and work in, offering benefits that range from the aesthetic to the vital, such as purifying the air and carbon capture, crucial for reducing pollution and tackling climate change. The successful retention and care of trees within both the existing environment and new developments benefits entire communities and enables a greener, brighter future for everyone.


MW Tree Consultancy advises and supports domestic, private, and public clients on successfully integrating, incorporating and managing trees within the urban environment and beyond.


Based in the South West and covering Dorset, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and the Midlands, MW Tree Consultancy provides a comprehensive arboricultural and landscape service.


"MW Tree Consultancy offers complete tree solutions with excellence and integrity."

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